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Detail of a grille on a new mosque in Qatar

There are many sites on the Internet that might be of interest or of use to those researching Arabic and Islamic design. Some of them are general in scope but the majority focus, as does mine, on more specific areas.

In the process of working on architecture and planning in Qatar I have carried out considerable research including, more recently, visiting many Internet sites. I have found little of use to me due to the small focus of my interest but I thought it might be useful to others if I set out links to the sites I have found interesting.

The sites listed below are not intended to be a complete resource; there are thousands of sites out there. So omission of an important site does not imply anything other than that I’ve not yet found it or that I did, but didn’t bookmark it, or did bookmark it but can’t find it again, or…

The list was up to date when I posted this page. Should you find a site no longer there I would be grateful if you would inform me. I would also be interested for direction to any other site you may feel should be added, bearing in mind that this is not a commercial site. So, in no particular order:

4ddoha – Professors Rami el Samahy and Kelly Hutzell and their research team.
Casselman Archive of Islamic and Mudejar Architecture in Spain
Search engines for online Academic education and research
Religious architecture and Islamic cultures
The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts
arabic typewriter layout
Typewriter layout
Virtual typewriter keyboard
Virtual typewriter keyboard
Virtual typewriter keyboard
art galleries and museums
Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar
The Louvre – Islamic Art
Metropolitan Museum – Islamic Art
The Detroit Institute of Arts
The British Museum
Berlin museum of Islamic Art
Victoria and Albert Museum – Jameel gallery
Ashmolean Museum – The Creswell Archive
Los Angeles County Museum of Art – Islamic art
Hermitage Museum – Oriental art
Freer Sackler Museum – Arts of the Islamic world
calligraphy, typography and museums
Dr Ahmed Moustapha
Expert calligraphy
Arabic calligraphy
M J Alhabeeb
Compendium of Muslim texts
Private calligraphy collection
Hamid Ajami
Calligraphic form – [German]
Islamic calligraphy
Flickr – calligraphy
Arabic typography
Tarek Atrissi Design
Islamic calligraphy
Arabic calligraphy – [German]
Soraya Syed
Arabesque graphics
Khatt Foundation – Center for Arabic Typography
Anthony Ralph Gallery – Islamic tilework
Bonner design consultancy
Broug atelier
Roger Burrows – Mathematics meets art and architecture
Sandy Kurt – How to get started with Islamic Geometry
Visualdhikr – and see the blog
British-Yemeni society
discussion groups
Islamic art and architecture discussion group
Sabkha and desert soils
Arabic and Iranian fonts
Mughal gardens
general background
Islamic Art Network
Harvard College Library – Reference tools
Muslim Heritage
Historians of Islamic Art
Institut du Monde Arabe – [French / English / Arabic]
Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture
Islamic architecture
Organisation for Islamic architecture
Muslim heritage
Aga Khan Visual Libraries – MIT
Islamic architecture introduction
Discovering Islamic Art
Heritage of Qatar
Genealogy of the Al Thani family
The Al Thani family tree – [Arabic]
Islamic terms and concepts
the Holy Quran
Al Islam
iranian architecture
Fundamental concepts of Iranian architecture
Isphahan – the making of a film
iraqi architecture
islamic architecture
Religious architecture
Art history resources
Al Bab – Islamic architecture introduction
Islamic art
Islamic architecture
Great buildings – Islamic
Database of muqarnas examples
islamic art
Islamic Art History
Islamic art
Geometry and ornament
Three-dimensional decoration
Islamic images
Gallery – Islamic images
Symmetry and pattern in carpets
Pattern in Islamic art
Flickr – patterns
Maqarnas patterns
A tiling database
islamic resources
Islamic resources
Al Serat Journal of Islamic Studies
The history and construction of the dhow
Marion Kaplan – Arab dhows
Construction of a traditional craft in the Oman
Website of Messrs Haji P.I. Ahamed Koya, builders of traditional wooden craft
Panoramas in Egypt and Syria
panoramas – 360°
The Great Mosque at Cordoba
The Bayezid Mosque at Istanbul
personal sites
Adam Williamson
Alexey Seergeev – a large body of images of architecture and flora in Qatar
Aerosol Arabic
Ahmed Moustafa – calligrapher
Calligraphy Qalam
Hassan Massoudy
Ian Whiteman
Ibrahim abu Touq – calligrapher
Ishq al Falaa – photographic site of Khalid bin Hamad bin Ahmad al Thani
Islamic and geometric art
Islamic woodwork
Jila Peacock
Mehdi Saeedi
Nja Mahdaoui
Sakkal design
Thomas Weil – [German]
Wissam Shawkat
Zarah Hussain
photographic sources
Al Ashiddah
Architectural Association Photo Library
Doors of Doha
Gertrude Bell photographic collection
Images from Lebanon and the Levant
Photographs from Cairo
Qatar gallery – [Arabic]
Qatar, my country
specific architecture
The city of al Zahra
Fes medina houses
Fes medina houses blog
Saudi Aramco subject articles
Walking tour of the Al Hambra
History of Islamic Art and architecture
stock images for Islamic geometry and related illustration
additional resources
Flickr is worth searching by place and subject
Panoramio also can be searched by place and subject


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